Business Resources of Central Oregon

A Directory of Our Region’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Financial & Capital Improvement

If you’re looking for debt or equity, here’s where you’ll find it. Central Oregon has a variety of options available including 1) financial institutions (banks, credit unions and non-traditional organizations), 2) angel investors and 3) venture capital.

Peer Groups & Clusters

Central Oregon has a wide range of opportunities available for our entrepreneurs who are looking to learn from their peers. We have two different organizations that offer Peer Group programs and, at last count, six active clusters within vertical industries.

Education – Mentoring & Media

Central Oregon’s ecosystem offers a wide variety of education and mentoring options, as well as a vibrant media sector to keep us informed and herald our achievements. Those options are proffered by a mixture of governments, nonprofits and entrepreneurially-driven for-profits.

Conferences & Events

A number of Central Oregon organizations host a wide variety of events aimed at providing networking and information- gathering opportunities for our entrepreneurs. EDCO and our region’s seven Chambers of Commerce lead the list of event presenters.

Physical Services & Interns

Recognizing that entrepreneurs enjoy working alongside fellow entrepreneurs, Central Oregon offers a variety of options for them to congregate. These options include a rapidly expanding collection of co-working spaces and makers spaces.

Organizations & Associations

All of our entrepreneurial programs don’t just happen, a wide variety of organizations, both public and private, create and manage them. EDCO and the Chambers of Commerce from Central Oregon’s seven communities lead the list of our ecosystem’s service providers.

We’re proud of the breadth and quality of Bend’s and Central Oregon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s been designed to serve all of our businesses, no matter what they do, who they are, or where their customers may be.

Roger Lee, Executive Director of EDCO

We developed this resource guide to enhance the knowledge of Central Oregon’s entrepreneurs and business owners on the wide variety of business service organizations available. The goal of our entrepreneurial ecosystem is to help our existing businesses grow at the same time we’re recruiting new ones.

Aly Waibel, Executive Director of Opportunity Knocks

Interested in learning more about how to reshape your own entrepreneurial ecosystem? Click on this link and look for the title “How to Make Your Community’s Economy Sizzle.” You’ll find an in-depth outline of Bend’s ecosystem in the 45-minute-read book, along with tips on how to help your entrepreneurs succeed.

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