Craft3 is a nonprofit that makes loans to help communities across Oregon and Washington thrive. Since 1994, we have investment over $400 million to help borrowers create jobs, generate wealth, strengthen families and protect the quality of the environment. We count ourselves lucky to work with innovators and entrepreneurs.

We aspire to build lasting relationships with our borrowers and consider ourselves their partner—not just their lender. Craft3 is a regional lender committed to our shared communities. We are here for the long term to invest in you.

Business Loans finance working capital, inventory, equipment and commercial real estate. We evaluate loans based on projections, as well as historic performance, to recognize where a business is going and how Craft3 can help it meet its goals. Our business loans range in complexity, size and sector, and range from $50,000 to $5 million.

Consider talking with us about financing if you are:
• a growing business or start-up that makes a positive impact on your community;
• a business creating jobs;
• an entrepreneur of color;
• a woman-, immigrant- or veteran-owned business;
• a nonprofit providing essential community services;
• a business pursuing a clean energy project; or
• an organization conserving land, habitat or water.